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11 Oct

Don't peel your reports RMF CMF DASD z OS as you peel an artichoke

Everything goes very quickly, Get to the heart of the matter immediately.

25 Sep

z OS Storage is exploding

But System Storage Management teams are much smaller than they used to be and they are overwhelmingly busy.Objet Inconnu

12 Sep

An all-you-can-eat buffet with open bar for your Storage z OS

The software suite EADM EAMC EATM was designed to help customers Objet Inconnuconsolidate their pan-European IBM Mainframe hardware and RMF CMF software.

27 Aug

Switch on IBM z OS DASD Auto Pilot and simplify the lives of your performance team

For our customers with EADM one click on the mouse is all they need to start the auto-piloting of their disk-performance management.

23 Aug


This year I would like to simplify my SLA with RMF CMF that I already have in conjunction with EADM.      

21 Aug

Cloud Computing

It’s not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to work in the rain.        

Technical Storage

Technical Storage's EADM uses your data-rich RMF and/or CMF files. You already have everything you need - there is no need to recreate any data. Our studies can be fully automated and take about 5 minutes to process.  When they are complete, EADM will send you an e-mail with the results.
The software is also invaluable if you are performing system upgrades.  At a time when manufacturers’ are all rolling out new storage solutions, EADM enables our customers to easily verify whether manufacturers' claims about TP Batch response times, storage capacity and other performance rates are accurate.  As we say in the U.S.A., "Trust... but verify!"

Thereafter EADM will save you a lot of time as you follow the I/O performance of your z OS.

Our team has more than 30 years of experience in z OS storage.