Cloud Computing

It’s not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to work in the rain.        



EADM Cloud, EATM Cloud, EAMC Cloud are new monitoring and reporting tools that will allow you to keep control of your I/O environment DISK, MIPS and MSU of your numerous LPAR and their evolution over time.


EADM Cloud, EATM Cloud, EAMC Cloud collect and analyze the current information in your complex IT z OS infrastructure on your physical and virtual environments to help you to take fast and informed decisions, to solve the problems more efficiently and to respect your level of service.


Use EADM Cloud EATM Cloud EAMC Cloud to gain in operational efficiency while respecting the requirements of conformity, decreasing the complexity of the processes while accelerating in a significant manner the audit procedures and the creation of relevant reports.



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