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The retirement boom is accelerating…

What is the situation of IT companies facing this problem ?What is its impact ? What
problems are forecast for the industry ?

- EADM EATM EAMC permits you to reduce the impact of this situation on your business
Evaluate the risk caused by the loss of know-how in your I.T department. Not all
resignations pose the same risk to your business. The trick is to identify key posts
for which steps must be take to conserve know-how. Usually the are 3 points to
consider : Technology , Legislation and competition

- EADM EATM EAMC permits you to reduce the Technological impact on your business
Choose with measures to prioritize. Capitalize on your existing deliverables and your
knowledge base.

- EADM EATM EAMC permits you to reuse your existing applications


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