The answers to all your questions have arrived. EADM creates each day a DASD TAPE activity repository. With this Big Data information (RMF CMF), you will know everything about your z OS systems.

Big Data solutions are ideal for analyzing not only raw structured data, but semistructured and unstructured data from a wide variety of sources.

In this mountain of data one will often find the answers to his questions, especially if our software EADM created this kind of compressed data.

Terabytes and petabytes demand grows stronger over years. Are they really being used to their maximum abilities yet?


This is where the new EADM «Big Data» functionality comes into play. This latter will open new horizons by allowing you to discover (on a 12 month scale for example) strategic and business-rewarding informations on your I/O DASD unoptimized and unproductive behaviors that you may not have seen in 2011. But they affected you…




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