Do you have an IBM z114? z O/S DASD technology has taken a huge leap forward.

The question is: Can your  software applications adapt to it? If the answer is  “yes”, then congratulations if the answer is “ no”,  EADM v12 can help you… With an aggressive price !

Tracks read/write cache misses. Your application needs this tracking to improve the throughput.

It is often difficult to compare I/O disk production of the same LPAR on two  different days, EADM can give you this useful information.

This report on several LPARs enables you to visualize the I/O consumption of each LPAR over 24 hours.

EADM tracks the four components of I/O behavior that indicate if your software applications are running smoothly.

Today, front end and back end behavior are the most important indicators of whether or not your software applications are benefiting from the recent  evolution in z O/S DASD technology.



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