The Evolution of Z OS DASD Technology has made a big jump forward ...

... But can your software applications benefit from it ? It’s easy to prove. If the answer is ‘yes’ it’s very good. If the answer is ‘no’, EADM can easily help you.


  • Cache Tracks misses Read/Write, your application needs more tracks to improve the throughput.
  • Cache Read misses behavior your application should read from the cache not from the disk.
  • Your application is not optimised z HPF can give it a boost.
  • Behavior tracability of your I/Os is characterised by 4 componants that characterised by 4 componants that prove the smooth running of your software applications.
  • Front-end and Back-end behavoir are today the most important indicators to know if your software applications are benefiting from the recent jump forward of z OS DASD technology.


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