How to efficiently monitor the performance of I/O DASD 3390 and TAPE 3590 on 60 LPARs or more using CMF / RMF?

The consolidation of IBM Mainframes into fewer but bigger  z OS Data Centers bring about new challenges...
The demand for smart solutions that are able to deal with the growing amount of data processed and stored is driving companies to provide expanded service levels characterized by round the clock availability, security and scalability. This is particularly true when the enterprise invests in new delivery models such as the cloud. Ensuring that SLAs are being complied with has become increasingly important to customers.
RMF and CMF are like gold mines: priceless information is buried in their BIG DATA. EADM (Easy Analyze Disk Mainframe) is able to extract the right information and interpret it.
EADM automatically scans RMF or CMF files 24/7and sends INTERNAL emails every morning, You will be the first to know when performance degradation occurs and you will be able to identify the root causes very swiftly.


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