Improved more performance on CLARiiON’s EMC with EADO ? Yes it’s possible.

Today, even when Data Center gather in order to be more efficient, storage spaces increase a lot. 

It is becoming more and more complex to control performances and to manage storage in Open servers (SAN or NAS). EADO Professional Service Consulting can help you to provide relevant information about the performances of your LUN.

1 :  Send us files from Clariion or ask PSC ‘s connection on your Clariion :
-PSC will give you a snapshot of your EMC Clariion’s configuration with tips.

2 :  Send us perf’s logs from Clariion or ask PSC’s connection on your Clariion :
- PSC will send you recommendations for logical configuration.

3 :  You installed Navisphere Analyzer, but need help to improved results :
-PSC can help you and send recommendations to increase performance.  



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