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User-friendly and easy to use tool. EADM addresses z OS IT executives and storage specialists who wish to gain efficiency and not lose time as they process RMF (IBM) and CMF (BMC) information.

Objectives of EADM ?

EADM is designed to create a I/O repository (all disk belonging to a Storage group, a disk of an LCU, then this repository will allow quickly locating any abnormal behaviors within disk I/Os.
Another objective of the Technical Storage Software:

start a:
     · Relevant,
     · Fast
     · Automated
Analysis of arrays to warn the user when disks volumes
are a problem.

EADM is designed to analyze the RMF and/or CMF reports by partition or all partitions of a SYSPLEX in manual or automatic way.

EADM offers simplicity of implementation a fast access to the essential information that is necessary on disk volumes.

This offer of Technical Storage will allow you picture yourself a batch and TP identity (signature) and edit clear performance audits by yourself.

Automatic editing of synthesis “.doc “reports  will dramatically simplify the reporting tasks.

Concrete Results

Specifically, EADM offers a periodic analysis to create a repository based on relevant information with 30 minute increments. Analyses undertaken by EADM performance audits launched and executed automatically are edited in a “Word” or HTML format and sent to email addresses.

Thanks to simplicity of implementation, EADM offers a fast access to the essential information, when it comes to disk-volumes. The relevance and quality of the information provided by EADM will help in improving competitiveness.

     As datacenters are being consolidated to increase their efficiency, and as storage space is dramatically increasing,, it becomes more complex to manage the storage and archiving of the data on backup cartridges.

EATM today is the only tool capable of providing relevant and accurate information on data actually written on backup cartridges. Information on your Tape Management (TMS, TLMS, CONTROLT) Robotics and the virtualization system is thus , automatically control.

EATM Objectives?

EATM objective is to create a repository on the actual write capabilities of your cartridges for backup applications, and optimize the storage space dedicated to these. or backup and the optimization of storage on these spaces.

EATM was designed by Mainframe specialists to allow following the evolution of sub systems automated cartridges.

As informed in a clear and simple manner on storage, one can process behavior audits for tapes, in order to gain efficiency.

EATM functions

This tool helps in quickly analyzing  one, several or even all of your physical and virtual tapes.

Thus you will be warned in real time about on your ability of refilling your tapes.

“Technical Storage” analyses reports are carried out automatically and make many tasks much easier, much as the construction of a manual file of references.

This type of information will be much appreciated and often requested your IT Department.

EATM has been designed to provide you with easy to use graphics to make, as you can save time and look more quickly into the possible fixing of the issues.

Facing a deficit of z OS specialists occurring for several years, EADM is a solution designd to keep the capital of knowledge within the company and to ensure the sustainability of knowledge and the transfer of skills to the production and systems teams.


EADM and EATM are fully automated. All the anomalies are being reported thru internal emails




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