z OS Storage is Exploding and EADM can help you to capitalize on RMF CMF to perform your administration tasks

Very often our customers already have RMF or CMF, in the case of our customers who have, for example, 20 LPARs, it’s not easy to use and consolidate the value inside. It’s not
necessary to use MIPS CPU capacity to create new SMF records.  

-EADM capitalizes on your RMF CMF investment
-EADM is compatible with RMF releases 1 to 11 ( same as CMF )
-EADM is now an expert DASD system,and automatically processes performance charts.
-Every day or evey week EADM will start the process automatically and send the result
by email.
-Our software application EADM operates in .net environment and works on VMware
or MicroSoft VM server.
-EADM can process multiple LPARs
-Our technical team has 30 years experience
-And most importantly EADM’s price isn’t indexed to MIPS or TERA DISK



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