If you are looking for work in z/OS performance management, now is the ideal time. EADM will accompany you and help you find modern solutions to issues encountered in modern mainframe shops.

Mainframe Storage Performance DS8900:

  • Senior z/OS performance managers have retired.
  • COVOD-19 is causing enduring behavioral changes.
  • New z/OS DASD performance features are arriving.
  • For security reasons it is increasingly sensitive to export SMF data outside the Enterprise for processing and analysis.
  • If disk response time is significant, be aware someone is waiting.


Maintaining lower disk response times helps reduce MSU consumption and therefore saves costs during z/OS invoicing.


EADM helps you optimize configurations and improve performance in the fields below. You will appreciate this simple tool which mines essential data from existing RMF.txt and CMF.txt files.


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