Technical Storage and sustainable growth

Technical Storage and Sustainable Growth

Today sustainable growth is a core consideration of corporate planning.  From now on, implementing environmentally responsible policies will be a key value for the employees, customers, providers and shareholders of companies all over the world.

Technical Storage takes this mandate very seriously.

Above all else, Technical Storage's mainframe skills are those of its employees.  In addition to the technical dimension of products and services provided by Technical Storage, all our projects are conceived to preserve the environment. We even strive to be environmentally friendly in the maintenance of products we install.  Technical Storagedoes its best to reduce paper consumption; we favor electronic exchanges with our customers and our software solutions do not produce hundreds of unnecessary tables, but rather only those that are of critical importance. 

At Technical Storage we remain in close contact with all of our clients.This new idea of ongoing involvement, built on a privileged connection between customers and providers, is a priority for Technical Storagebecause we believe it is the best way to cultivate strong business relationships over the long run.

In order to earn the trust of its customers, Technical Storage endeavors to set a strong example of environmentally responsible behavior.      

Technical Storage'sobjectives are:

  • To improve the long term competitiveness of your company by encouraging sustainable growth and respect for the environment.
  • To implement appropriate safety rules and protection standards.

At Technical Storage we are acutely aware of a data center's environmental impact.  Here are some of the "greener" solutions we consider to be priorities: 


  • Optimize the back-office by increasing the occupation rate of servers and storage media.
  • Increase our partners' awareness of environmentally conscious policies by encouraging them to reduce their paper consumption and cut back on travel in favor of electronic support and videoconferencing.
  • Begin to address the electric consumption of data centers in order to stimulate sustainable growth combined with an increase in efficiency and productivity.