Back up on disks, disk snapshots, data deduplication, continuous data protection in order to PRA, quick data replication are recent and mature innovations from storage integrator and constructors that help you to protect your data, improve data managing and to resolve challenges linked to storage in your data center. Our tools EADM EATM EADO EATC EAMC estimate and integrate continuously these technological evolutions in order to propose new infrastructures, tested and economical. Our tools are based on ‘Best of Practice’.

EADM and EATM are user-friendly tools. Our Data Center in LYON is fitted with several servers EADMV8 EATMV8 and EAMCV8 releases. You can have a remote access to our servers and consequently make studies of your RMF (IBM), CMF (BMC) and Tape Management files. Our hardware supports are in your service if you have any question about your infrastructure, they are also here to comment your results as you want.

Developing, marketing and distributing of softwares are difficult and expensive activities. How can you get a fast time-to-market strategy with limited budget?
Nowadays, Offshore development represents the fastest growing market. How is it possible to deal your products efficiently and successfully? Technical Storage -Offshore offers a Development and Distribution package.