IT shops are responsible for Performance Management. It’s always been so as each z/OS customer has a specific environment with complex and specific rules. It is the hardware manufacturers’ responsibility to ensure that all z/OS CPU and DASD activity be logged in SMF records each second. IBM’s RMF and BMC’s CMF are reports rich in performance data stemming from SMF datasets.

Analyzing RMF or CMF when a performance issue is suspected or has occurred is often too late. So how can one capitalize on RMF/CMF, products that have a cost for the Enterprise?  


Since an entire generation of z/OS engineers has been retiring, the critical task of Performance Management has been sidelined because its perception as time consuming and because of dwindling z/OS skills. Fortunately, help is on the way for IT shops thanks to ArtificiaIIntelligence. Inexpensive and light applications for z/OS like EADM (Easy Analyze DASD Mainframe) are available to analyze automatically your daily RMF or CMF files and alert you before availalibilyrisks can jeopardize production and SLAs. Technical Storage is now offering free RMF or CMF analyses  via a short online session with one of our specialists. See for yourself the simplicity of analyses and the richness of performance data waiting to be easily mined by our application EADM.   



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