Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Mainframe Storage z OS is making headways.

EADM’s AI now allows z/OS Managers to see major gains in DASD performance management while helping reduce non productive MSU consumption.

Both old and new tools are able to quickly spit out hundreds of graphs on I/O consumption and response times for small and large LPAR configurations. However even ‘healthy’ z/OS teams in data centers have no time to analyze the many types of reports produced by these tools. Thanks to EADM’s AI and evolving algorithm, our new graphs now include axes of recommendations specific to your Enterprise’s hardware configuration in order to improve performance. In a real case study example below, EADM’s AI module analyzed CONNECT, DISCONNECT and IOSQ times over several weeks and drew conclusions shared with the EADM user: Connect Time.

This chart shows DASD I/O activity over several days. The line graph highlights abnormally high response times of the Connect Time component. EADM’s AI recommends the user to implement solutions like WLM FICON Priority, zHPF Multi-Track, zHPF DB2 List Prefetch, FICON Express 16S+ to remediate the issue.


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