With EADM AI 2020, Never Sweep z/OS Performance Issues Under The Rug Again

To sweep under the rug is an expression meaning to conceal a problem expediently rather than to remediate it thoroughly. As the mainframe is poised to enjoy many more years of success, the ongoing retirements of top z/OS engineers means storage and I/O performance issues are often swept under the rug.

Since the inception of the mainframe, OS/360 and now z/OS engineers have sought to improve the performance of peripheral hardware infrastructures in order to optimize z/OS processors’ MSU resources. As years passed, the numbers of 3390 logical volumes utilized in datacenters multiplied by thousands.


At the same time, the number of senior mainframe engineers specialized in z/OS I/O has dwindled. Indeed, after lengthy careers and a well deserved retirement, barely one engineer out of two is properly replaced. This means mainframe teams are being asked to do more with less and performance monitoring has been mostly relegated to low priority. However, because SYSPLEX infrastructures are increasingly complex and large, and also because weighted averages in I/O analysis can hide important information, Storage and I/O management is more important than ever.


EADM AI (Easy Analyze DASD Mainframe) is an automated solution which:

  1. Analyzes daily data rich RMF or CMF files
  2. Informs on the root cause of response time drifts of some 3390 volumes that host strategic Enterprise files
  3. Gives z/OS DASD feature recommendations to remediate performance issues.

EADM AI shows the essential without compromise. A quote from a customer summarizes this new solution: “Before, we were guessing, with EADM AI, we know what’s wrong”.



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