EADM and EATM are now ELK ready

Every day, our system expert tools analyze thousands of IBM RMF and BMC CMF reports in AUTO mode to monitor the performance of z OS DASD and Tape such as DS8000 and 7740.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) of EADM and EATM extracts critical information from data rich but under-exploited reports from SMF, RMF, CMF, BVIR, VEHSTATS, TMS SLS, MVC… Synthetic charts on z OS I/O performances are sent internally to customers along with alerts when SLAs and access to vital Enterprise data are jeopardized. Out cost efficient tools are now compatible with ELK and KIBANA to further ease implementation and customization of the CHART FX graphs produced by EADM and EATM.


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