Mainframe Storage Performance z16 and DS8900 RMF V2R5

For years, our customers who have been using our stand-alone EADM Software application for monitoring IBM z OS disks are always satisfied with the evolution of z OS operating systems.

Operating system release changes often bring improvements for customers. But sometimes these changes require you to set up a specific team of z OS engineers to do this system migration . Good news this year 2022 sees the arrival of the new z 16 CPUs with the new “Telum” processor technologies and its new System V2R5 release . Other good news, our standalone EADM 2022 monitoring application does not require any add-ons for this transition to V2R5, everything is compatible and no human resources will be necessary for your migration.


Another good news, the EADM release 20220604PM with its AI module will no doubt surprise you. EADM will give recommendations on “ Features I/O DISK/TAPE” to be installed case of poor response time on one or the 4 components of the time of DISK response (this recommendation is now also done by STOGroup).



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