Productivity gains in the Mainframe Storage DS8900 environment.

Following retirements z OS I/O Performance Experts you will have to find solutions to help you in your daily tasks.

Yesterday I did not have time, Today I am very busy and tomorrow I have 4 meetings.

With the new needs of companies, your activity as a manager of Disk Tape z OS storage spaces will be more and more important and to this important activity you will have to answer more and more quickly to questions from users of z OS Storage spaces ( Upgrade, I/O performance, Calendar performance in the event of an increase in I/O loads for new applications, limits not to be exceeded, the busiest days, repetition of problems, etc...

Our Software EADM application will help you, EADM will automatically read all your RMF and CMF reports from each LPAR in your z OS system and tell you which days are causing performance issues, which of the 7 days of the week are who to watch, when there are problems and why. In summary, with EADM it is simple and effective. 



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