Tape Has Become a Strategic Imperative in the Mass Storage

For years z/OS engineers have been striving to improve the performance of peripheral hardware infrastructures in order to optimize MSU resources of z/OS processors.

This past year data security became a top priority but data performance should not be overlooked. EATM helps with both with its Expert System and data never has to leave the Enterprise.


EATM operates with most Tape Management Systems: CA-1 / TLMS / CONTROL-T / . This year we’ve added DFSMSrmm.


DFSMSrmmsupports the IBM TS7700 grid and IBM Peer-to-Peer VTS implementations. With these, you can use the names of the VTS libraries distributed with DFSMSrmm.


Cloud storage for mainframe data became available recently. IBM Cloud Tape Connector for z/OS makes it easy to copy and move mainframe data to private, hybrid, or public cloud storage, providing enhanced security, flexibility and cost-effectiveness for archiving or for backup and recovery . IBM Cloud Tape Connector for z/OS processes and moves your data without the need for more hardware gateway devices. It leverages zIIPprocessors to minimize CPU cost of data movement.


EATM automatically gives you a summarized daily report daily by email with important information on Virtual Drives Response Times, Mounts Pending (hinders performance) and Tape Mounts by LPAR or LPAR pool. Significant Block Sizes creates I/O bottlenecks. With the integration of DFSMSrmmin EATM, you benefit from automatic reporting on the real needs for your Backup and Archiving by ''Location Name‘’ (site). This information will be priceless for your Enterprise’s Capacity Planning.




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