Technical-Storage Offshore Development

Developing, marketing and distributing of softwares are difficult and expensive activities.

How can you get a fast time-to-market strategy with limited budget?

Nowadays, Offshore development represents the fastest growing market. How is it possible to deal your products efficiently and successfully?

Technical Storage -Offshore offers a Development and Distribution package.
It includes (D&D service):

  • Software developed and tested at length and at very attractive prices.
  • Assistance for your channel building, your marketing, your communication, your sales and aftersales services.

Quality-on-time! Software Development

Technical Storage-Offshore services are done by a highly skilled staff. All our teams are ready to work with you on your class project management expertise in order to provide you a unique combination of quality software development and business process outsourcing services.
We can also offer you more specific services (including staff increase) such as software testing or software localization.
As European based company Technical Storage -Offshore make it easier for you to share ideas with others people and it can help you to meet other IT employees.

Low Cost & Flexible Development

Technical Storage-Offshore provides a cost effective and flexible solution. And the highly skilled Technical storage Offshore staff is a guaranty of quality of services provided.

Experience of Technical Storage Offshore Market

Technical Storage -Offshore has built an experienced sales and marketing team to deal IT products on the global market. We offer you marketing analysis, channel building, marketing communication, sales and maintenance services.

Our performances in local R&D are a guarantee for customers regarding the quality of maintenance and others services provided.


Technical Storage -Offshore engineers and project managers are able to understand quickly customer’s requirements and that with a continous use of up to date technologies.

More precisely we are in particular experienced in the following domains:

  • Business Management System

    Technical Storage -Offshore has developed several customized ERP, CRM, BI, KM and E-Commerce softwares for TNC – Transnational corporations.

  • Services

    Software design, programming, test
    Marketing analysis, channel building, marketing communication, aftersales services.

  • R&D Team

    Technical Storage -Offshore R&D engineers are at least university graduates and have four years professional experience in average. They master well new technologies.

  • Sales & Marketing Team

    Technical Storage -Offshore is highly skilled in marketing, communication, channel management and sales.

    Our customers are Telecom Companies, Technology Enterprises, and Governments.

  • Collaboration Methods: Project Based Collaboration

    This way of collaboration means that the customer needs to provide a requirement specification, so that Technical Storage -Offshore can estimate the work load. Technical Storage -Offshore and the customer pre-negotiate price and time schedule before the execution of the development tasks. The final cost may vary if the customer requires changes to the initial specification.

  • Virtual Staffing (Offshore R&D Unit Renting)

    Technical Storage -Offshore offers on demand R&D services to European and American companies.
    The advantages of this offer are:

    • The customer can compose their stable development teams at will, team members are selected based on
    • Their professional profile and are employed by China-Offshore, working in China.
    • Cost savings can be as much as 80% compared with Europe and America based staff.
    • Client companies can either send their own project leaders to work with remote team members in Technical Storage -Offshore China or manage the project remotely.
  • Software Distribution

    Technical Storage -Offshore provides assistance, it also helps you your investment in building.

  • Technology:
    • Programming Languages:
      JAVA, JSP, ASP, PHP, Perl, HTML/XML,
      Visual C++, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Delphi;
    • Operating Systems:
      Windows, UNIX, Linux;
    • Middleware Technologies:
    • Application Servers:
      IIS, Apache, Websphere, Weblogic, JRUN, RESIN;
    • Database System of Relation Types:
      Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase,
    • Software Development Methods and Tools:
      UML, Rational Rose, ROMOD, RUP, CMM
    • Quality: ISO 9601, CMM Level 4 (soon)
      Other technologies can be achieved through special recruitment.