Easy Analyse Data Open

Nowadays, as data centers are consolidating in order to become more efficient, storage space requirements are soaring. It is becoming more and more complicated to control performance and manage storage in Open servers (SAN or NAS). EAD0 is the only tool on the market today that can provide you with relevant information about your LUN performance in a shared services environment. Information about your I/O STAT files can be monitored continuously and automatically in order to help you evaluate how well your SAN or NAS storage spaces are functioning. EADO will create a database and this reference table will make it much easier for you to identify good and bad behavior patterns both before and after you perform hardware and/or application modifications at your Data Center.

What are the objectives of EADO?

EADO was designed to create your I/O profile (of all the disks, one LUN group, one volume, one Raid5 group, etc …). This reference table will enable you to quickly detect abnormal behavior on your I/O disks.
Another important objective of this software is the ability to launch quick, fully automated studies of your storage array that will alert you if and when your disk volumes present any problems.

What are its functions?

EADO was designed to analyze I/O STAT, HKEY PERFORMANCE DATA, PSTAT, VMSTAT and SAR reports on one, several or all of your partitions. This can be accomplished in either manual or in fully automatic mode. You will be able to follow a complete disk park in a just a few minutes instead of the two or three days that it used to take you to accomplish this. EADO will create your disk signature for both TP and Batch. It will enable you to produce precise performance audits automatically published in Word, and these reports will make it a lot easier for you to report your findings to your management staff. In just a few pages you will be able to see where the problems are and think about solutions to improve the performance of your Open disk subsystems.

Concrete results

In concrete terms, the simple reports generated by EADO will enable you to quickly locate problems on the LUN. EAD0 creates a reference table of useful data that allows you to follow trends and compare situations. You can swiftly access charts that show you optimal performance levels so you can focus on the points to correct in order to become more and more efficient and sharpen your company's competitive edge.