Easy Analyse Mainframe Check ( OS390 z OS )

A very user-friendly tool, EAMC is designed for product managers, system managers, and all the people in charge of z OS storage who would like to improve the efficiency of their data processing. With EAMC, no time is wasted in processing RMF/IBM or CMF/BMC.

What are the objectives of EAMC?

EAMC was designed to create your MSU MIPS profile (for one LPAR or all of your LPARs) at a very reasonable cost. Once created, this profile gives you the opportunity to swiftly detect abnormal MSU MIPS consumption. EAMC will also create a double reference table: CPU charge and I/O DISK charge by LPAR will be displayed on the same dashboard.
Another critical function of this software is the ability to launch quick, relevant studies of your CPU performance that will alert you automatically when there are over consumption issues.

What are its main functions?

EAMC was designed to analyze RMF and/or CMF reports for one partition or for all the partitions in a SYSPLEX. These analyses can be executed in either manual or fully automated mode. With EAMC, you can follow a complete LPAR park in just a few minutes instead of the two or three days it used to take you to accomplish this.
Technical Storage's software will create your MSU MIPS signature for both TP and Batch. Then, EAMC will generate clear performance audits that are automatically synthesized into reports published in Word or in HTML. In just a few pages you will be able to see where the problems are and focus on solutions to improve your z OS CPU performance. Furthermore, these audit reports will greatly facilitate your own presentations to your management staff.

Concrete results

In concrete terms, EAMC provides you with daily and/or weekly analyses in order to create your baseline reference. It can generate relevant information every 30 minutes (or more or less frequently, depending on your requirements). As soon as the performance audits are fully executed, EAMC will automatically send the results to your email addresses and you will have immediate access to all the essential information you need to know about your LPAR consumption. As many of our clients will attest, the quality of information and the relevance of the data that EAMC provides will help you to improve your efficiency and sharpen your company's competitive edge.

Today, our industry faces a long-anticipated, worldwide shortage of z OS specialists. EAMC is a solution that will help you keep your knowledge assets inside your company and one that will ensure the continuity of information as well as the transfer of skills to your production and systems teams.