Easy Analyse Tape Mainframe ( OS390 z OS )

Nowadays, as data centers are consolidating in order to become more efficient, storage space requirements are soaring and it is becoming more and more complicated to manage the storage and archiving of data kept on tape. EATM is the only tool on the market today that can provide you with relevant and precise information about the actual data written to your tapes. Information about your Tape Management (TMS, TLMS, CONTROLT), your robotics, and your virtualization solutions can be monitored continuously and automatically.

What are the objectives of EATM?

EATM creates a reference table that displays the actual storage capacity of all your Mainframe Tape Cartridges in real time and thus allows you to optimize your storage capacity planning.
EATM was conceived and designed by mainframe storage specialists. The software enables you to follow the evolution of your automated tape subsystems in a way that informs you clearly and simply about all your storage issues. You will have the opportunity to launch performance audits on all your tape libraries and then be able to choose the best, most efficient solutions to any problems you might encounter.

What are its main functions?

Technical Storage's software enables you to quickly analyze one, several or all of your real and virtual tapes, and it will provide you with continuous information about their respective filling rates. When the analysis is complete, EATM will automatically publish a report in Word or in HTML format. These reports will facilitate numerous tasks, including the creation of benchmark files, and this is precisely the kind of information that is highly valued and greatly appreciated by IT directors. EATM was designed to produce charts that are fun and easy to read in order to save you time and allow you to focus on the necessary solutions.

Concrete results

In fact, thanks to the simplicity of the reports published by EATM, you can easily locate problems on your backup cartridges. The reference table created by EATM will allow you to follow trends and compare situations. You can also quickly access charts that will show you the level of fragmentation of your real tapes as well as the support of your virtual tapes.

A very easy and user friendly tool, EATM will enable you to save time and increase efficiency. At a time when we are facing a worldwide shortage of mainframe specialists, EATM offers a solution that will help you keep skills and knowledge inside your company. The transfer of skills will be secured with our software and your system and production teams will have all the necessary implements to become more efficient and to sharpen your company's competitive edge.